Yahoo Employee Foundation Grant Application Management

Cycle Now Closed

The 2016 application cycle is now closed. You will not be able to edit or submit applications again until 2017. Awards will be announced this fall. Thank you for your interest!

Supporting Documents

Applicants must upload four sets of supporting documents along with every YEF grant application. These supporting documents must be uploaded before a Champion can submit an application.

Applicants can upload the supporting documents for a saved application by clicking Upload on their Manage Applications page. Champions will be able to view uploaded supporting documents after Applicants have uploaded them by clicking links for each document on their Manage Applications page.

The supporting documents include:

  1. Audited Financials. Applicants must upload financial statements in PDF format. Audited financial statements are preferred.
  2. Nondiscrimination Policy Statement. The attached statement must be completed and signed by a manager and board member of the organization. The completed, signed statement must then be uploaded.
  3. Program Budget. Applicants must prepare and upload a budget for the project in PDF format. A sample form budget is available for download below.
  4. Key Staff and Board. Applicants must prepare and upload a list of key staff for the project and board members for their organization in PDF format. A sample is available for download below.

Please upload all supporting documents before the application deadline. An application that does not have all supporting documents uploaded by the deadline will be considered incomplete and will not be considered.

YEF is happy to answer questions about the supporting documents with you at any time. If you have other questions, please contact your Champion. Exemplary Nondiscrimination Policy Statement, Program Budget, and Key Staff and Board documents are provided below.

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