Yahoo Employee Foundation Grant Application Management

Cycle Now Closed

The 2016 application cycle is now closed. You will not be able to edit or submit applications again until 2017. Awards will be announced this fall. Thank you for your interest!

Note to Grant Applicants

Yahoo Employee Foundation (YEF) grants require a full time Yahoo employee to serve as a champion on behalf of a non-profit organization. Some of the links on this page are available only to Yahoo employees. Please download our information packet to learn more about the Yahoo Employee Foundation and grant eligibility.

What’s a YEF Community Grant?

  • YEF Community Grants are Yahoo employee championed grants providing a range of potential funding for organizations ($1,000 - $75,000).
  • YEF has four key focus areas. All grant applications must align to one of these categories:
    1. Animal Welfare
    2. Environment
    3. Family & Community Building
    4. Youth & Education
  • Grant applications are reviewed by YEF’s employee board, employee reviewers and our fiscal sponsor, Silicon Valley Community Foundation.

What does the Yahoo Champion have to do?

Yahoo Employee Champions are what make YEF unique. We rely on them to identify the best organizations through their involvement with them as volunteers, donors, board members, or in other ways. The Yahoo Employee Champion is crucial to the success of the organization’s grant request. The Champion’s role is to provide guidance to the organization and help them understand the requirements and evaluation criteria for a YEF grant.

How do Yahoo Employees apply for a grant?

Every YEF grant starts with a YEF Employee Champion. Yahoo Employee Champions can can apply for up to two YEF Community Grants.

It takes four steps to become an eligible Champion for a YEF Community Grant.

  1. To be eligible to apply for a YEF grant, all YEF Champions must donate a minimum of $50 to YEF in the past 12 months. Go to yo/yefdonate to make a donation.
  2. Reach out to a non-profit organization that you are passionate about and explain that you want to partner with the organization to Champion a YEF Community Grant.
  3. Send your contact this YEF External Packet so they can learn more about YEF’s history and grant eligibility requirements.
  4. Employee Champions must attend a Grant Champion Training session prior to applying. Go to yo/yef to sign up for a training in your office

Steps to start a YEF grant application - For Yahoo Employee Champions

  1. Send the contact at your organization a link to the YEF Grant Tool: yef.grants.yahoo.com
  2. Remind your contact to use or create a Yahoo email address (required to complete application).
  3. Remind your contact to list your work (Yahoo Inc) email address in the application.
  4. After your contact has started an application and saved your email address, you will be able to review and edit the application by visiting yef.grants.yahoo.com/yef/manage
  5. Work together with your contact to complete the grant application. Both Yahoo Employee Champions and organizational contacts will have access to edit the application.
  6. While working on your application, save it frequently. You can come back to the application as needed to complete the required questions.
  7. Submit the application: Once your organization contact is finished with their half of the proposal, Yahoo Employee Champions must hit the submit button!
    • The Champion is responsible for ensuring that all of the application information is complete before submitting.
  8. YEF Community Grant Deadline: June 30 at 5 p.m. Pacific Standard Time

NOTE: The situation must comply with Yahoo's Conflict of Interest policy. For more information see yo/coi

Steps to start a YEF grant application - For Organization Applicants

  1. Partner with a Yahoo Employee to start a YEF Community Grant proposal
  2. Sign into a Yahoo email address and include the Yahoo employee champion’s Yahoo-inc email address in the application. The employee champion will receive a notification that you’ve started the application.
  3. While working on your application, save it frequently. You can come back to the application as needed to complete the required questions.
  4. Upload the four required supporting documents by navigating to yef.grants.yahoo.com/yef/manage, clicking the "Upload" link visible there (only to Applicants), and following the instructions. Four supporting documents are required:
    1. Audited Financials
    2. Detailed Program Budget
    3. Nondiscrimination Policy Statement
    4. Key Staff and Board
  5. After you and your Yahoo Employee Champion determine that the application is complete, the Yahoo Employee Champion must click Submit before the deadline of June 30 at 5 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.

How to use the YEF Grants tool to complete and submit an application:

  • To start: Organization Applicants click on Begin New Proposal.
  • To edit your saved application: click on Manage Proposals.
  • The organization applicant must upload the required documentation via the "Upload" link for the saved application shown on the external Manage Proposals page. The Yahoo Employee Champion will not be able to upload, but will be able to see whether each required document has been uploaded from the internalManage Proposals page.
  • Submitting the grant application: Only the Yahoo Employee Champion can submit an application by clicking the Submit button at the bottom of a completed application form (and only after all four supporting documents have been uploaded).

What’s the grant review process like after an application is submitted?

The YEF Grants Committee reviews all grant applications. The Grants Committee is made up of Yahoo employees who volunteer their time to ensure that YEF provides grants in a thoughtful and responsible manner. Members of the Grants Committee review the applications and evaluate them according to certain criteria. In addition, YEF partners with our fiscal sponsor, Silicon Valley Community Foundation for an in depth review of organizational financials and fiscal responsibility. Selected organizations will be asked to attend a YEF grant presentation session (30-45 min) to share details about the organization and grant proposal.

Required reporting after grants are processed:

In addition to the grant application, YEF Community Grants require a mid year (after 6 months) and final report submitted to YEF (12 months after funding). A Final Report must be completed prior to requesting another grant from YEF. Grant recipients will receive an email with additional instructions.

What types of organizations are eligible to apply?

YEF funds organizations that are considered tax exempt 501(c)(3), an educational institution or operating under the fiscal sponsorship of a tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization. Download YEF’s grant eligibility criteria to ensure your organization is eligible to apply.


Contact: Yahoo Employee Champions or email us at yef@yahoo-inc.com.

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